The Committed Creative Podcast

I absolutely loved being a guest on The Committed Creative Podcast with Carmen Allan-Petale from Red Platypus Creative 

We spoke about two of my favourite topics – Creativity and Business. 

#48 Designing a Business You Love with Tracy Fryer

This week on the podcast, I spoke with Tracy Fryer, graphic designer, jewellery designer, and owner of Design Studio Perth.

In it, we talk about:

  • How Tracy manages the day-to-day in her business.
  • How letting go of perfectionism allowed her biz to grow.
  • Tips for finding the perfect staff members to work in your biz.
  • Why time blocking is a thing we should all be doing.
  • How to stay motivated when things get tough.

…and loads, loads more.

Tracy has grown her business to a team of seven in a short space of 2.5 years. So if you’re looking to scale, then this is the podcast to tune into.

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