How Well Do You Know The Person You're Selling To

Who is the person you are selling your product or service to?

Can you define your Ideal Client?

How do they like to be spoken to?


Your Ideal Client communicates to the world around them in a distinct manner. Likewise, they respond more favourably to certain tones, phrases, and words than to others. As a result, it’s in the best interest of your business to intentionally craft a brand tone of voice that not only aligns with your brand identity but that resonates with your Ideal Client. 

In essence, your brand tone of voice is the unique way your business communicates with its audience. It goes beyond the simple choice of words into the emotional connection that your brand seeks to establish with your Ideal Client. As a start, carefully considering the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your target audience will provide you with helpful insight when it comes to defining your brand tone:

Demographic Considerations:

  • Age & Gender
  • Income & Education Level
  • Marital Status & Occupation
  • Geographic location

Psychographic Considerations:

  • Personality Traits & Attitudes
  • Values & Beliefs
  • Lifestyle Choices & Interests
  • Media Consumption Habits

Considering the above elements in light of your business offering will give you a good idea of where your ideal tone should sit on the following spectrums: fun to serious; casual to formal; irreverent to respectful; enthusiastic to matter of fact. 

You can then further break down these elements into specific tone characteristics that tell anyone creating content on behalf of your business exactly how your brand needs to “speak” across any given medium or channel.

Tone of Voice Elements

Other important elements that should be considered when establishing a clear tone of voice include

1. Language: Identify words that align with your brand personality – as well as words that won’t resonate with your Ideal Client and should therefore be avoided. 

2. Style: This refers to the rhythm of your brand’s communication. Do you want a direct and concise style or do you want to be descriptive and make every piece of content a story? 

3. Adaptability: Your brand tone must be flexible enough to be adapted slightly for different platforms without losing its original tone. (For example, perhaps you want to speak with slightly more formality on LinkedIn, but you’re willing to use an emoji or two on Facebook.)

Why Is A Brand Tone Of Voice So Important?

The short answer is differentiation, consistency, and connection. 

A distinctive tone helps your brand stand out from competitors and helps consumers remember you. A consistent tone ensures that your brand message remains clear and coherent, and it creates a sense of reliability. The right tone will also resonate with your audience, evoke the right emotions, and cause them to develop a stronger connection with your business.

Apple & Nike: Real Life Examples

  • Apple’s tone is concise and focused, and it perfectly represents the minimalist style and cutting-edge technology that the brand is known for. 
  • Nike’s tone is inspirational and empowering. Their action-oriented language is strong and motivational and succeeds in pushing their audience forward.  

In conclusion, taking the time to articulate what your brand tone is – and what it’s not – is a necessary and worthwhile branding activity. After all, it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it.

I’m Ready To Clearly Define My Brand’s Tone Of Voice!

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