If your answer is “I’m not sure,” or if you feel that your brand messaging is currently very haphazard, then this is for you!

Your brand identity is made up of many facets which can seem quite overwhelming to create and keep track of. Consequently, having all these elements neatly defined and grouped together in one cohesive document can save you a lot of unnecessary stress, time, and money. It also provides a platform for your team to create content more effectively on behalf of your brand.

Cue the Design Studio Perth Brand Identity Toolkit!

Your Brand Identity Toolkit – which forms part of a greater Brand Compass – is a tool that we have created to guide you and your team in all your marketing and sales efforts. It is an essential, and evergreen, business document that makes identifying and engaging with your Ideal Client – and reaching your business goals – more achievable than ever!

Brand Identity Toolkit

What does this critical document cover?

The key elements of a Brand Identity Toolkit:

Tagline & Brand Purpose

Your tagline is a succinct phrase that expresses the essence of your brand promise. Your brand purpose defines the reason for the existence of your business beyond profit. 

Vision, Mission, Values

Your vision outlines the long-term aspirations of your business, the mission defines your core purpose and how you achieve this, and brand values state the principles that guide the actions of your business. 

Target Audience & Ideal Client Profile

While your target audience refers to a specific group of people you’re directing your offering toward, your Ideal Client is a description of an individual who represents the exact type of person you’re wanting to do business with. 

Product/Service Overview

This provides a summary of the core products and services that your business offers.  

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) & Key Messages

Your USP is the differentiating factor in your businesses that sets you apart from the competition. The key messages are critical points that you regularly want to communicate to your target audience to convey your brand’s value. 

Brand Personality

Brand personality attributes human traits and characteristics to a brand, as seen in the 12 Brand Archetypes and the Aaker model.

Brand Tone Dimensions & Characteristics

Brand tone refers to the way your brand communicates. It covers various dimensions such as formal vs. informal, playful vs. serious, and characteristics such as friendliness, authenticity, and boldness.

Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a brief and compelling speech that communicates the value of your business offering in a persuasive manner to inspire people to action in a short amount of time.


What are the benefits of a professional Brand Identity Toolkit?

Having a Brand Identity Toolkit ensures consistency across all brand touchpoints and helps you communicate your unique value proposition with greater effectiveness. It helps you tailor your messaging to the right people, setting you apart from other businesses in your industry.

This document also allows you to develop a watertight elevator pitch on the foundation of the other brand elements – which have all been meticulously thought through. A Brand Identity Toolkit provides a flexible framework that can adapt to changes in the market landscape, ensuring that your business remains relevant in the face of shifting trends.

Ready to navigate branding more effectively?

By investing in a Brand Identity Toolkit with Design Studio Perth you are choosing to add an invaluable resource to your team, your business strategy, and all your marketing and sales efforts. 

If you’re motivated to move forward with purpose and precision, and take your brand from standard to strategic, reach out to us today to book a call.

I’m Ready For Cohesive Brand Messaging!

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