5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Graphic Designer for Your Business

If you’ve just started your business or are thinking of rebranding, you may be asking yourself if hiring a professional Graphic Designer is worth it. With so many business costs, the creative services are usually the area to take a cut. Unfortunately , skimping on your branding budget can actually cost you more in the long run.

Here’s why its worth the investment:

1. You’re Time Poor

Small Business owners have a lot on their plate and having a computer makes it easy for them to try and do everything themselves. Being a business owner myself, I’ve tried this & its only lead to stress and exhaustion. You’re an expert at what you do and a Graphic Designer is an expert at Graphic Design. How much time is designing something taking away from your business? How much is it costing you not being able to use your time more productively?

2. Professional Image

There’s a major difference in purchasing a low cost logo from Fiverr or Vista Print online and developing a proper brand identity with a Graphic Designer at your side. An identity that represents you and your business and what you stand for. A skilled Graphic Designer will take the time to understand you and your business, making sure they capture your unique stand point in the world.

They will also give you the correct file formats of your logo or graphics, which is not always the case with an online logo website. A number of times I’ve had to recreate a client’s logos because they don’t have the correct file format for the project at hand.

Creating a professional image is one of the most important reason why you should hire a Graphic Designer. Graphic Designers have studied the language of colour and imagery and know how to present your brand in an aesthetically pleasing way.

So many people have the misconception that a brand is just a logo, it’s not, it’s about a business strategy, its brand values and visual message. It only takes consumers a couple of seconds to make up their mind on your brand, so if you don’t look good than being a potential client of yours has no appeal either. So your $10 logo has saved you some money now but how much is it going to cost you in the long run?

No matter how successful your business is, hiring a professional Graphic Designer will ensure you create a professional brand, A brand that your customers and potential customers will want to be a part of, raising your profile above your competitors.

3. Brand Consistency

Consistent branding allows businesses to differentiate their product or services, delivering key messages to their customers. If you’re using different logos, different fonts and different message everywhere, it’s going to be hard to look professional – never mind standing out in a potential customers mind. Graphic Designers know to look out for the smaller details ensuring brand cohesion across all marketing platforms.

4. They’re resourceful

Graphic Designers are generally pretty creative people or business owners themselves and they like to help their clients get the most out of every project. A number of the suggestions they make and ideas they have, will often be ones they have tried and tested, knowing they work. They will also help you leverage your brand on platforms or in ways you may have not considered before.

5. You’ll get the results you want

It’s a fact, great design generates and converts leads into sales. Hiring a Graphic Designer will help you achieve your goals both professionally and personally. Giving you a return on your investment.

Banish BORING and attract your ideal client with captivating branding & design that converts leads to sales with ease!