Outsourced VS Local Graphic Design

Whilst outsourcing your branding or Graphic Design to Fiver & Upwork, can save you some money now, it may cost you more in the broader scheme of things…

When you work with a Graphic Designer/ Brand Strategist in Perth or in the same country, it gives you the opportunity to work with a Graphic Designer who understands the current market and culture in Australia, but more importantly they’ve taken the time to understand you & your business goals – Who is your ideal client? Which marketing platforms you’ll be using? What is your brand tone? Brand voice? Target Audience?

If you are thinking of outsourcing your branding & want to save yourself heaps of time & money, we strongly recommend working with a local Graphic Designer who will create your logo and Brand Style Guide with your target audience in mind. You can then give your Brand Style Guide to your VA or the person you outsource your Graphic Design too. They’ll have a clear set of guidelines to apply to your brand. 

Working with a Perth Graphic Designer, is a great opportunity to build a networking/business relationship with that person. Graphic Designers tend to work with a variety of businesses, you never know who they might be able to connect you with. If you have multiple projects, your Graphic Designer will be familiar with your brand, therefore designing new materials will flow smoothly.

Not sure what a Brand Style Guide is? Checkout our blog on Brand Style Guides.

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