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Confidently Maintain and Update

your WordPress Website like a Pro!

Protect your business’s biggest asset by ensuring it is kept up to date, secure and easily maintained.

Does this sound like you?

Meet Nadine Swingburn - Website Designer and Course Instructor

What if I told you there was an easy solution?

As a website agency, we understand that clients aren’t always able to hire a professional every time we need to update or maintain our website. Or aren’t yet able to commit to a monthly maintenance package.

We also don’t always have time to watch the copious amounts of video tutorials and sift through the ones we need.

What if we were empowered with the tools and know-how to do it ourselves..

What would one need to update and maintain a website?

A basic understanding of WordPress.

As soon as we understand the basics of WordPress, the task becomes less overwhelming.

An understanding of the need for maintenance.

It is important to understand why maintenance is required and what are the possible risk factors of not regularly updating your site.

The confidence to update and maintain your own sites.

Have the knowledge and tools to successfully update your site with confidence.

Are you ready...

to become a pro!

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Maintain your Website like a Pro!

An easy to follow online course for WordPress website maintenance.

So, what is included?

Besides for the feeling of absolute confidence in accessing your WordPress Dashboard, you will be given the tools and know-how to keep your website protected, updated and successfully maintained.

Understanding the need for Maintenance

Learn the fundamentals of website maintenance and understand the risk factors of a neglected website.

Introduction to WordPress

Learn the basics of wordpress and confidently navigate your wordpress dashboard.

Monthly Checklists & Bonus Materials

Downloabable PDF's and videos to help you with your website maintenance on a monthly basis.

Course Curriculum

Looking for a sneak peak?

Take a quick look at the course modules to get a feel for everything that is covered. 

We have also added some bonus material!

In the event that you have a blog or an online store on your WordPress website, we have created two videos to help you with the basics of adding new blog posts to your existing WordPress blog and simple products with no variations. 

How to add a Blog Post

Basic video tutorial showing you how to add a new blog post to your existing Blog.

How to add a Product

Basic video tutorial showing you how to add a new simple product to your existing WooCommerce store.

Is this course for me?

You're in the right place if...

You're in the wrong place if...

You've got Q's we've got A's.

Here are a few frequently asked questions in case you need some more clarity. 

Yes, the course has no time limit and modules can be accessed over and over again.

Initially you will need to login and access the course online, but all pdf’s and videos are able to be downloaded to be viewed offline. 

Alot of long hours went into this course and as much as we want business owners to have the tools and know-how to maintain their sites, we would love for you to rather send them to this page to purchase it from here. 

While we do our best to give you enough insight upfront as to what to expect and ensure that this course gives you all the basic tools and knowledge needed; if you feel you still do not know how to maintain your site after this course, please pop us an email with specific questions or problems you are facing. 

An easy to follow course, for all WordPress website owners.

what are the benefits of this course?

So, what is the value?

The amount of money saved by opting to do your own website maintenance vs paying monthly for this service is well over $699.

This course provides all the basics you need to continue to maintain your site for a once off fee of $199!

Grab the course at the launching price of only...


If you still have questions or want to chat more about this course, please email us at